Initial Configuration

If you run Gitea inside Docker, please read the documentation before changing any settings.

Database Settings

Gitea requires MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite3 or TiDB (MySQL protocol).

Leave blank for database default ("public").
File path for the SQLite3 database.
Enter an absolute path if you run Gitea as a service.

General Settings

You can enter your company name here.
Remote Git repositories will be saved to this directory.
Files tracked by Git LFS will be stored in this directory. Leave empty to disable.
The operating system username that Gitea runs as. Note that this user must have access to the repository root path.
Domain or host address for the server.
Port number your SSH server listens on. Leave empty to disable.
Port number the Giteas web server will listen on.
Base address for HTTP(S) clone URLs and email notifications.
Log files will be written to this directory.
Checks for new version releases periodically by connecting to

Optional Settings

Email Settings
Email address Gitea will use. Enter a plain email address or use the "Name" <> format.
Server and Third-Party Service Settings
Domain name for users with a hidden email address. For example, the username 'joe' will be logged in Git as '' if the hidden email domain is set to ''.
Set the password hashing algorithm. Algorithms have differing requirements and strength. The argon2 algorithm is rather secure but uses a lot of memory and may be inappropriate for small systems.
Administrator Account Settings

Creating an administrator account is optional. The first registered user will automatically become an administrator.

These configuration options will be written into: /data/gitea/conf/app.ini